Khatantuul "Khat" Zorig


Khat joined Innospark in 2019. She is an MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2018 graduate where she focused on entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and social impact. During her time at MIT, she co-founded & led ‘Buddy’ (an AI trainer for mental wellness) that went through MIT’s capstone Delta V accelerator this past summer. Prior to Sloan, she was an Analytics & Technology consultant at Accenture building enterprise analytics systems for the US government, and received her Bachelor’s degree in Math & Statistics from the University of Virginia.

Khat is passionate about using emerging technology like AI & machine learning to address issues in the digital health space, and is excited to bring this passion to help other startups within the EdTech & Life Sciences/Healthcare space at Innospark. In her spare time, she loves boxing, doing yoga, meditating, reading books on personal growth, and listening to podcasts on AI, psychology, entrepreneurship, and politics.