Meet our Portfolio Companies


PathAI is developing technology that assists pathologists in making rapid and accurate diagnoses for every patient, every time. PathAI is also building solutions to help identify patients that benefit from novel therapies, to make scalable personalized medicine a reality.

Olaris Therapeutics

Olaris is out to fundamentally change how diseases are diagnosed and treated. Using their pioneering metabolomics platform and machine learning algorithms they work with patients and healthcare providers to identify “biomarkers of response” (BoR) that can be used to stratify patients to optimize outcomes and reduce adverse events.


Airworks develops aerial mapping software to help civil engineers and land developers assess and analyze construction sites in near real time.


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to improve pathology detection in dental imaging for dentists and automating the creation of treatment plans for patients.


A next-generation additive manufacturing company enabling inclusive and sustainable innovation to achieve Additive at Scale.

Intelligent Machines Lab

English Helper

Transforming education through scalable AI technology.